Why To Prefer Government Job over Private Job ..

Eyes opening benefits of government jobs over private jobs —


1.       Lesser work load
We all know that government jobs have the minimum work load as well as provide a lot of comforts as compared to private jobs. Not only this, there are no over- times as well as extra weekends required as well. A government employee knows exactly which days he is going to work and for how long, hence providing a more relaxed as well as satisfactory life style.

2.       Fixed holidays and vacations
Probably one of the best perks of working in the government sector is that you do not have to argue for going on holidays and for taking leaves. There are fixed holidays per year and no matter what; you are entitled to take advantage of them. Not only this, all the government- declared holidays will also be provided to you.

3.       Job security/ stability
Government jobs are not affected by a poor economy. There is very little chance that any government employee will ever lose his/ her job. In most of the cases, the job is retained until the individual is eligible for retiring. Employees in government offices have a fixed income during their entire term and the job security is also retained till the end.

4.       Pensions and other benefits
Government employees are known to be getting a lot of attractive as well as life- long benefits from the government of our country. Most commonly, they are provided with life- long health care, pensions, housing facilities as well as provident funds. There are many sites to find government jobs like http://www.employmentnews.gov.in/,http://indianjobalert.com/ and many others.

5.    Work-Life Balance

Government jobs offer best work life balance as there is no extra shifts or late night meetings. With limited number of working hours, one can spend more quality time with family, can play with kids and can handle more elder care responsibilities.


Future can not be made in a day !! It takes proper planning and execution. Therefore; analyze the fact and get determine to join government job for a safe, secure and enjoyable future.


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