AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

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This credential helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty validates expertise in designing and maintaining network architecture for the breadth of AWS services.

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty is intended for individuals who perform complex networking tasks with five years of hands-on experience architecting and implementing network solutions. Before you take this exam, we recommend you have:

  • Professional experience using AWS technology, AWS security best practices, AWS storage options and their underlying consistency models, and AWS networking nuances and how they relate to the integration of AWS services.
  • Knowledge of advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options [e.g., IP VPN, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), virtual private LAN service (VPLS)].
  • Familiarity with the development of automation scripts and tools. This should include the design, implementation, and optimization of the following: Routing architectures (including static and dynamic); multi-region solutions for a global enterprise; highly available connectivity solutions (e.g., AWS Direct Connect, VPN).
  • Knowledge of CIDR and sub-netting (IPv4 and IPv6); IPv6 transition challenges; and generic solutions for network security features, including AWS WAF, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), DDoS protection, and economic denial of service/sustainability (EDoS).

Passing AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty  is very challenging. You must have through knowledge of all the components and services. This practice question bank have 300+ questions based on certificate exam. When it comes to career decision, we recommend going for the best. Avoid searching here and there. Do not relay on unauthenticated practice questions. Thus avoid wasting time and money by taking a sincere decision.

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking

4 reviews for AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

  1. Rajnita Dey

    excellent explanations with fantastic examples. You’ll never get bored.

  2. Gopika Raju

    merit a rating of more than 5. excellent course and excellent method of explanation.

  3. Vin Zheng

    These practice exams have been a critical component of my exam preparation for the five certifications I currently hold. This list of questions will undoubtedly be just as helpful, I am confident.

  4. choi inha

    This was completed in a day and a half. The majority of the material is well covered by NBCampus!

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